[GRASSLIST:3025] pre3/gis_set.tcl problems

Henning Lorenz hl at geofys.uu.se
Tue Jan 29 08:27:27 EST 2002


I just installed the Grass5.0pre3 binaries on Red Hat Linux 7.2. It's 
running fine as root but as normal user the programme hangs up with 
displaying a "gis_set.tcl" window. I assume that something is wrong 
with file-permissions but can't find out where. Can anybody help? 


Henning Lorenz
Uppsala University
Department of Earth Sciences
Villavägen 16
S-752 36 Uppsala
phone:	+46(0)18 471-7161
fax: 	+46(0)18 50 11 10
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