[GRASSLIST:3029] Re: Projection conversion help

H. Fernández ferga1510 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 21:27:08 EST 2002

Hi Roger:

Thanks for your quick answer. In fact, the procedure you suggested me is the 
same I'm testing, but the error "iNPUT MAP IS OUTSIDE CURRENT REGION" 
continues on. I've tried all definitions I can image of output region, 
without success.. I've some problem, and I don't konw what!!!

I did a deep review of the map I've imported on. I imported the map from a 
.ppm and the cout of rows/columns and colors used (my elevation levels are 
correct). I note that the header info is not correct, it didn't locate the 
map into the input region I've defined,but I tried to change the header 
file, run the g.region and check than region fit exactly with my 
coordinates... but proj continues whit the same error.

Then, I'm bloqued...  I'm not sure too if i'm choose the correct output 
projection. Can anyone confirm me if a mercator projection give points with 
logitud and latitude values constans in the same row/column of my map?? Or 
the correct conversion is a ll projeciton (longitude/latitude)???

Any help or test you can suggest me will be really apreciatted. I re-post 
the info of my original map-greyescale image:

File: Asturias (4887x2131)

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