[GRASSLIST:4930] distance

J.c.m. van der Kwast jkwast at home.nl
Mon Nov 11 05:58:40 EST 2002


Is it possible to fill a raster of an irregular shaped area with 
distance values perpendicular to a part of the edge of the same area, so 
that hat every cell has a distance value perpendicular and relative to a 
part of the edge?
I've been trying some things with mapcalc but without succes. So far 
according to me, the only way to do it would be to raster the line, and 
then buffer it with mask set to that polygon. Very tedious job if areas 
are big (maybe script?). Another approach was to draw parallel lines in 
a CAD program, depicting them as heightlines in Grass and then putting 
them thru v.surf.contours or s.surf.contours. This is not working to my 
satisfaction. I'll hope you'll have some insights, if it's possible at all.

Greetings Sjors


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