[GRASSLIST:4944] r.le.pixel null() problem

M.Wegmann m.wegmann at web.de
Wed Nov 13 22:39:31 EST 2002


it's rather a remark than a question. 

I set all my firescarsvalues on my satellite image to "null()" (r.mapcalc map_out=if(map_in<=x,null(),map_in) )and 
calcualted mean, sd, diversity etc. with r.le.pixel. When I choose 1.5 pixel radius in the r.le.setup the output inside the 
firescars which I set to null, were "0". All the calcualtion with radius 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 8.5 were "null()" as expected. 

perhaps I am wrong but it looks like a bug ....  or a stupid user ;-)

cheers Martin


Martin Wegmann
Tropical Ecosystem Research Center
PMB 44 Winnellie / Darwin
NT 0821


4 Carpentier Cres.
Wagaman / Darwin
NT 0810
0061 8 8927 1241

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