[GRASSLIST:4981] Re: m.in.e00 question

Michel Wurtz mjwurtz at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 17 18:23:15 EST 2002

Michael Ash wrote:
> In case anyone is interested, I think that I have resolved
> this question:

>>files with d.sites.  However, the labels and categories that
>>were in the .E00 files have in some cases (the point data
>>files, I think) detached from the data.  For example,
>>site_lists/aepoint contains the coordinates of airports and
>>dig_cats/aepoint.aeptname contains the names of airports,
>>but the categories in the site_lists file do not seem to
>>match the categories in the dig_cats file.  Is there any way
>>to reunite the labels and the GIS data?

Well, you find the way.  But in reality, its a known bug in
m.in.e00 : e00 point files are created as site file, but since
attributes are written before coordinates, they are not added
in site file.  I will correct this, ahemm, as soon as I will
have time :-(

Michel Wurtz

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