[GRASSLIST:4992] Re: US Census boundary file problem

Michael Ash mash at econs.umass.edu
Mon Nov 18 23:04:44 EST 2002

> Michael Ash wrote:
> > I have downloaded boundary files from the U.S. Bureau of the
> > Census (http://www.census.gov/geo/www/cob/) in .e00 format.
> > For example st99_d00.e00 is the complete state boundaries
> > for the U.S. for 2000.  When I import the file with
> > m.in.e00, d.vect shows a map of the United States but the
> > raster file produced by v.to.rast has holes, specifically
> > Texas and Massachusetts.
> > 
> > Perhaps the vector areas are not closed for those states?
> > 
> > How is it possible in GRASS to close the vector areas if
> > that is indeed the problem?
> use v.digit.  But it may also be the lack of a label point
> inside the polygon (verify wether v.support shows errors or not
> when running on your vector file).  This can also be corrected with
> v.digit.

Thank you for the quick response.  I had been hoping for a
royal road, but there seems to be no easy way.

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