[GRASSLIST:5009] Re: Considerations for SVG 1.1 spec from W3C

Jack Varga jvarga at boulder.net
Wed Nov 20 11:21:39 EST 2002

There's nothing that says that it can't be an exchange format, but I wasn't
thinking along the lines of sdts or shape.  Instead a data to screen and 
to data exchange format, although granted I haven't read through the spec
thoroughly enough to determine if it would support the latter.

The pixel to real-world coordinates is one of the major missing pieces
(IMO) of browser based mapping.  Granted, the support has to be in the
browser, but I believe that's coming and the SVG spec could help
speed that along.

Just my $0.02


Glynn Clements wrote:

>SVG isn't a "vector exchange format"; it's a vector-based graphics
>format. Its closest competitors are Macromedia Flash, PostScript and
>SVG may well be a suitable output format, in the sense that we might
>wish to produce a v.out.svg utility, or an SVG driver (analogous to
>the PNG driver), or something similar to ps.map but using SVG instead
>of PostScript.
>It isn't appropriate as a storage format. It might be worthwhile
>attempting to produce a tool which will extract geographic vector data
>from an SVG file. However, such a task would inevitably be just as
>complex and unreliable as extracting such data from e.g. PostScript or
>PDF files.

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