[GRASSLIST:5114] Re: watershed

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Nov 29 04:08:24 EST 2002

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 02:31:52PM +0000, Francois Delclaux wrote:
> Hi, grass users
> I'm looking for a tool which can locate topographical depressions with 
> according the following conditions :
> - input map : raster DEM
> - output maps : raster depression map (one point at the location
>    of the lower point),  raster watersheds (endoreic or not),
>    raster outlet map (one point at the location of the each basin outlet).
> I know that r.watershed can do a part of this work, but not the whole.
> If another computer tool is able to achieve this task, I am interested
> too.

You may want to look at r.fill.dir. After filling the DEM you could
substract it from the original with

r.mapcalc "depressions=filled_dem - orig_dem"

Hope this helps,

 Markus Neteler

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