[GRASSLIST:5118] Reclassification

Miha STAUT mihastaut at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 30 15:13:28 EST 2002

Hi all,

It is not really a question but a suggestion I am making. I am just 
wondering if it would be possible to change the r.reclass which is among the 
most often used commands in a way it would leave the rest of the values the 
way they were and only reclassify the entered ones in the non interactive 
mode too. In addition this would enable to treat floating point data in 
r.reclass instead of r.mapcalc. I think the applicability would increase in 
this way as you usually only want to change just a few values and not the 
whole map. I am a plain user with no experience in programming. That is why 
I am seeking the answers why did not you do it yet or why you are not doing 

Miha Staut

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