[GRASSLIST:4886] RE: Grass Installation

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Mon Nov 4 13:09:28 EST 2002

Dan Gelinas wrote:

> >	./configure --with-postgres-includes=...
> >Unless the headers are in one of the compiler's default directories
> >(e.g. /usr/include), you have to tell configure where to find them.
> Thanks.
> So I assume the configure script doesn't know where to look for these
> include files? Unfortunately, neither do I :-(
> Any idea where to look for these files AND, more importantly, what
> they are named?

The files for which "configure" checks are:

a) libpq-fe.h, and
b) either postgres.h or postgres_fe.h

If you are using a package from your OS vendor, then the files will
probably be in a subdirectory of /usr/include. E.g. RedHat 6.2 puts
them in /usr/include/pgsql.

You will need to have installed the appropriate "development" package,
e.g. "postgresql-devel" for RedHat 6.2.

If libpq-fe.h and postgres.h/postgres_fe.h are in different
directories, you need to specify both directories, separated by a
space; you will need to enclude the argument in quotes, e.g.

./configure --with-postgres-includes='/usr/include/pgsql /usr/include/pgsql/internal'

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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