[GRASSLIST:1680] Re: Mailing List Archive

eicksch eicksch at gfz-potsdam.de
Tue Nov 4 14:09:37 EST 2003

Wow - this time I found the right words! Threaten to delete something
works ;-)
I will go through the mails in more detail tomorrow at work to find
the most suitable solution. Volunteers still wanted - the call isn't

>On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 09:12, Stephan Eickschen wrote:
>> > How much data is there in total to be saved.
>> > Even if we cannot find somebody to host it yet,
>> > we might at least save the current archive in a state that
>> > is easy to reconstruct once we find someone to host it again. :)
>> 53Mbyte uncompressed Unix mail file, gzipped 12.5Mbyte...
>Not sure that I understand this. I thought that there was a web page
>involved here.
Ok - this is only the minimum space required to 'save the history'.
The web archive needs more disk space (I can't figure it out right
now), since there is one file (+ possible attachments) per mail plus
index files. I will check tomorrow. Building the web archive will be
straight forward using hypermail (I am not using it right now for the
archive) and mail filtering using procmail is easy, too (I was not able
to use it for the archive up to now).
Again - more details tomorrow,
thanks for your interest,


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