[GRASSLIST:1732] Re: GPS connectivity for GRASS GIS (Andreas.C.Lange)

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Tue Nov 11 07:26:38 EST 2003

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Maliheh wrote:
> Hello dear Andreas,
> I have read your paper with the subject of this mail.
> I want to use of grass for developing a navigator in cars with routing
> feature.

Hmm, I am already doing some of this for my M.Sc(Eng) thesis -
unfortunately I am not sure if I will be able to release what I have
done due to the University's IP policy.

> Now I want to ask you, do you think your modules are suitable for my goal?
> Did you implement the "gps-track.tcl"?
> I'm new in this field. Would you please tell me some hints?
> Your responses will be so appreciated.

I haven't seen Andreas' paper, but it is feasible to run grass queries
from an extrernal program. I have a small program in C++ which just
reads the GPS data (NMEA) from gpsd (the problem is there are many
different gpsd programs, not necessarily compatible) and runs grass
queries (I am not really doing an end-user navigation tool, so I don't
really have much to display).

I haven't had success with importing tracks/points with any of the
popular tools (gpstrans?) from our Garmin V, mostly since names get
mangled, so I download under Windows and import as DXF.

I am not sure what the most sensible thing is to do with NMEA directly
in grass ...


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