[GRASSLIST:1772] import e00-shp fields; linux/grass gis device; line of sight-topology query; pan-zoom feature

nicholse at sdf.lonestar.org nicholse at sdf.lonestar.org
Sun Nov 16 04:19:48 EST 2003

I have data from http://www3.wadnr.gov/dnrapp3/dataweb/dmmatrix.html and
http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/mapsdata/geodatacatalog/default.htm for klickitat
county and city of goldendale.
My goal is to query the data for the area of klickitat city and whakiakus
drive. I would also like to be able to create new data based on our
property lot and display it in the same cordinate system as the existing
county/state data, any recomendations on an inexpensive, linux/grass
compatible gis device to collect data?
I am trying to import vector data .e00 from the above urls but I cant seem
to select the correct files for label, points and other requested files in
the import dialog. I cant tell which files are labels, points, polygons,
lines and so forth. How can I tell?
On another import of shp files it asks for the label and attribute fields.
When I use fields from dumping on import, regardless of combination, when
I use the query with mouse, no specific data shows up. Where do I find the
name of these fields? What files are they in?
Also, how do I get the pan/zoom feature to zoom in? It just keeps drawing
white boxes and does nothing else.
One other thing, how would I determine what buildings are within line of
sight of a proposed broadcasting tower?
thanks, nichols
great work grass guys

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