[GRASSLIST:1774] zoom to extents, gps device, v.in.shape attribute fields

nicholse at sdf.lonestar.org nicholse at sdf.lonestar.org
Sun Nov 16 19:28:49 EST 2003

>> On another import of shp files it asks for the label and attribute
>> fields. When I use fields from dumping on import, regardless of
>> combination, when I use the query with mouse, no specific data shows
>> up. Where do I find the name of these fields?
> v.in.shape -d
> ?
I have already been using v.in.shape -d but to add the link between mouse
query and results what fields do I use?

v.in.shape -d county.dbf
Attribute fields available in county.dbf:
1: AREA [float4:18]
2: PERIMETER [float4:18]
3: COUNTY_ [int8:11]
4: COUNTY_ID [int8:11]
5: FIPS [int4:2]
6: NAME [text:12]
7: COUNTYNUMB [int4:2]
v.in.shape -o -d input=county.shp output=county attribute=? label=?

Thanks for the mouse pan-zoom help hamish, it worked, is there a zoom to

Havent tried the line of site yet, presumeably I would need some sort of
topology/elevation vector map to run that query in?

A garmin gps unit will be my best purchase for gathering site data? Any
model recomended?

My current mapset and location uses
zone: 10 South Hemisphere
projection: utm
datum: nad83
ellipsoid: grs80
but I want to import some data that is in
Lambert Conformal Conic how to do this without creating another mapset or
changing the above settings.

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