[GRASSLIST:1777] v.out.shape and PostGreSQL

David Orme d.orme at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Nov 17 09:50:52 EST 2003


I'm trying to export vector files in 5.0.2 to shapefiles with dbf files 
from my postgres database. I know that v.out.shape specifying table and 
key is the way forward but my ODBC setup is broken - I get bus errors 
if I try to describe or list tables. I need to be able to set the 
database with db.select to use v.out.shape - can I point db.select to a 
postgres driver rather than ODBC (and in which case, what file am I 
looking for?) or do I need to fix my ODBC installation to get this to 
work? (Or should I just bite the bullet and install 5.7).


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