[GRASSLIST:1825] e00 attributes

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at fonnesbeck.org
Wed Nov 19 18:05:40 EST 2003

I am having trouble dealing with vector attributes from imported e00 
files. I understand that each attribute from an e00 import has its own 
file in $LOCATION/dig_cats.  What I don't understand is what to do with 
them after that. The Open Source GIS book does not have much to say 
about this, other than copying the *entire* map for each attribute 
(which is very inefficient when there are lots of attributes). Surely 
there should be a table somewhere with all the attributes by which 
queries can be run, no? Can I not at least generate a postrgesql table 
from all of these files? How else are they supposed to be used? I 
welcome any clarification or hints about this.

Chris Fonnesbeck
Christopher J. Fonnesbeck ( c h r i s @ f o n n e s b e c k . o r g )
Georgia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Georgia

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