[GRASSLIST:1839] newbie question: combining e00 files

Avery Ke avery at u.washington.edu
Thu Nov 20 08:50:38 EST 2003

I'm a newcomer to GRASS and GIS (though familiar with linux/unix), and
I am hampered not only by my inexperience but by not knowing the
conventional terms to describe what I want to do. So please bear with
me, and if there is documentation or posts in list archives that
explains what I want to do, I'll be happy to go read it. :)

I have arcinfo/export files for Russia that I downloaded from Gis Data
Depot. Each e00 file contains one piece of information (populated
places - polygons, railroad lines, aeronautical - points). They are
separated by region (central, east, west).

1) Create a new location "russia" using these e00 files
2) Location will have all of Russia, not just one region in it.
3) Location will have populated places, railroad lines, etc.

I'm sure this sounds simple to you, but I'm not even sure what order
to start. Do I import the e00 files first, do I create the location? I
don't know how to find the coordinate system for the database, zone
for UTM database, coordinates for area to become default region,... or
do I??? Is it in the e00 file.

Any pointers to chip away at my ignorance would be *greatly*
appreciated! <grin>

Best, Avery


   __O      Avery Ke
 =`\<,      Graduate Student, Economics
(=)/(=)     University of Washington

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