[GRASSLIST:1854] Re: newbie question: combining e00 files

Michel Wurtz mjwurtz at wanadoo.fr
Thu Nov 20 18:02:05 EST 2003

Avery Ke wrote:
> I have arcinfo/export files for Russia that I downloaded from Gis Data
> Depot. Each e00 file contains one piece of information (populated
> places - polygons, railroad lines, aeronautical - points). They are
> separated by region (central, east, west).
> 1) Create a new location "russia" using these e00 files
> 2) Location will have all of Russia, not just one region in it.
> 3) Location will have populated places, railroad lines, etc.
> I'm sure this sounds simple to you, but I'm not even sure what order
> to start. Do I import the e00 files first, do I create the location? I
> don't know how to find the coordinate system for the database, zone
> for UTM database, coordinates for area to become default region,... or
> do I??? Is it in the e00 file.

You can use m.in.e00 to dump the projection section (ESRI definition)

m.in.e00 YourFile.e00 action=analyse

find in the output the line beginning with "PRJ 2" or "PRJ 3"
All informations about the projection follows.

You can then create the location with the correct projection
After that import all e00 file in this location with simply

m.in.e00 YourFile.e00

Just another hint : if you have different projections (this may occur
since Russia is a pretty big Country ;-), made one location for each
projection, because m.in.e00 cannot change the projection.

You will use v.proj to put all the maps in the same projection if you

Michel Wurtz - Auzeville-Tolosane

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