[GRASSLIST:1894] Re: GRASS/GIS newbie: how to start?

Holger Zebner holgerzebner at gmx.de
Wed Nov 26 10:37:01 EST 2003

> I am currently on the way to experiment with a GIS (i.e. GRASS) to get some
> feeling what it can do for me.
Same thing with me.

> Reading the HTML documentation I understand that first before all I have to
> start the grass program. So I created the following script to start it:
I don't think that you need it. Grass generates this by itself. see 

> I am starting this script as root. Then I get the following error message:
Wouldn't it better to do this as a normal user?

> Cleaning up temporary files.....
> Starting GRASS ...
#: mkdir ~/grassdata
#: grass5 -text

Location: maproom
Mapset: testmapset
Databases ~/grassdata

> How do I create a valid GRASS location? Since I am an absolute newbie
> please tell me where to find a GRASS introduction.
http://freegis.org/freegis_tutorial/ (German)

Good luck

P.S. I am also currently exploring it as newbie. You may sent PM as well.

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