[GRASSLIST:3096] bus error in grass57

hamdi ines hamdi_ines2003 at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 5 06:03:21 EDT 2004

i have  installed grass 57( grass57src_cvs_snapshot_exp_2004_01_17.tar) in my linux platform(redhat8.0) with the head version of grass53 (GRASS-5.3-cvs-head-i18n.22jan2004.tar), and gdal040308, xerces1.6.0...but when i run grass i had an error message and i have a problem with the all vector command like d.vect, v.in.ogr like described below but the ogr command run correctly like ogr2ogr..
GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~ > Error in startup script: child killed: bus error while executing
"exec ps.map -p"
  (procedure "DmPrint::init" line 14)invoked from within
(procedure "main" line 30) invoked from within "main $argc $argv"
 (file "/usr/local/grass57/etc/dm/d.m.tcl" line 785)
GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~ > d.vect 
Erreur du bus
GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~ > v.in.ogr 
Erreur du bus
GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~ > v.out.ogr 
Erreur du bus
GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~ > v.extract 
Erreur du bus
my question is how resolv this problem with vector command and the d.m command.

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