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Gail Higginbottom Gail.Higginbottom at newcastle.ac.uk
Mon Apr 5 21:58:34 EDT 2004

Dear Ken (who knows the data and computer), Mark and others,

I killed Grass.

well I killed the default region.

I was having a play around with the settings in the main menu trying to be
able to access the patch maps in cell_misc (as the patch.ras that was
accessible always opened as a white area).  Anyway, naturally, I wiped out
all the access to the most currently produced maps even when I reset it to the
original settings.

I have repeatedly tried to set the region via g.region using a raster map as
to set some boundaries (ie tried to cheat) but this isn't going to work

I have had try to take a look in DEFAULT_WIND as it is called and listed in my 
file list. When I 'more' this in unix, the error
reads 'no such file directory'.

AS Mark knows I am coming back to Grass after a two year break. and cannot
remember how to set my default region. I just know this is going to be
something basic.

Can anyone direct me? I have looked at some tutorials but they dont actually
tell me.


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