[GRASSLIST:3102] errors when trying to remove dataset in grass 5.7

David Mahoney mahoneyd at unbc.ca
Mon Apr 5 22:05:10 EDT 2004

I am running grass 5.7 on cygwin (Windows XP), and I get this error, even 
after updating to the lasted binaries off the grass website.

Any thoughts?


GRASS 5.7.-cvs:/usr/local/grass57 > g.remove vect=eco
REMOVE [eco]
WARNING: coor files of vector 'eco at dave' is larger than it should be
         (389690 bytes excess).
dbf: no such driver available
WARNING: Cannot open driver 'dbf'
WARNING: Cannot open database
         '/cygdrive/g/grass_data/marsh_thistle/dave/dbf' by driver 'dbf'
WARNING: Cannot get info if table 'eco' linked to vector exists.
WARNING: Cannot delete vector 


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