[GRASSLIST:3112] digitizing and snapping problems

Kirk R. Wythers kwythers at UMN.EDU
Wed Apr 7 13:46:09 EDT 2004

I seem to be going though several extra steps in order to get polygons 
to close without undershoot/overshoots. I am hoping that someone will 
be able to point out a more expedient procedure.

My problem is this: When digitizing common area boundaries, I am having 
a hard time getting a new line/area to snap to the line of the existing 
polygon (even when I try intentionally to start the new line off of an 
existing corner when a node should be). The first node of my new line 
is well within my snap threshold, but does not snap.

I can go back "after the fact", and use "Edit/Break" function to insert 
a new node on the first polygon, then use "Edit/Snap" to connect the 
lines. However, this is time consuming and I was hoping that someone 
would point out a technique to get the new line to snap to the fist 
polygon in the first place. Once I complete the first polygon the 
polygon's nodes seem to disappear. So that by the time I start the line 
to close the second polygon, there doesn't seem to be a node to snap 
to, just a angle where the node "used to be?".



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