[GRASSLIST:3149] processing of LIDAR data

Robert S. Nuske rnuske at gwdg.de
Tue Apr 13 15:10:00 EDT 2004

Dear list,

Does anybody has any experience with LIDAR data processing within GRASS or
could point me to any resources?

I am looking especially for ways to extract a DTM from LIDAR data of
forested areas, but also for any general advice on LIDAR data processing
within GRASS.

My main problem at the moment is still the extraction of a DTM (points
representing the bare earth) from the LIDAR point cloud. So, I am looking for
ways to filter effectively point clouds. I will use LIDAR data of dense Sitka
spruce stands. This data has a quite high overall point density (3-4 points
per sqm), but the number of ground hits is naturally very low ("penetration"
rate less than 20%).

The only thing I have read so far is the GRASS Book (Open Source GIS: A GRASS
GIS approach) and Brovelli's paper (LIDAR Data Filtering and DTM Interpolation
Within GRASS). 

Thanks for your comments.

 Robert S. Nuske
 Forest Research
 Northern Research Station
 Roslin, Midlothian EH25 9SY  
 Scotland, UK

 email: robert.nuske at forestry.gsi.gov.uk 

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