[GRASSLIST:3179] Re: advice on building a workstation PC for Grass

Philipp Molzer phil at molzer.net
Thu Apr 15 07:21:15 EDT 2004

cr.yp.to's site has great advice.   He reccomends going with a dual-cpu. 
I'm wondering if any of the GRASS components are written to be 
multi-threaded, to take advantage of such a machine.  For example, my 
underpowered machine has been r.patch'ing together 8  60MB rasters for 
the last 5 hours, and is about 50% done.  Would a dual-cpu machine get 
it done twice as fast?   While it is using 95% of my CPU, it's only 
using 9% of memory. 

drew einhorn wrote:

>Over the years I've found the advice at this web page
>quite useful:
>I'd probably bump the memory to 1 GB.
>On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 16:00, Philipp Molzer wrote:
>>I'd appreciate any advice on building a new PC, with running Grass in 
>>mind.  I am currently using
>>AMD Duron Processor
>>cpu MHz         : 1294.521
>>RAM : 750 MB
>>Linux 2.4.20-28.8
>>The ram seems to be fine, but the CPU frequently max's out on things 
>>such as v.in.shape, r.patch, etc.
>>I'd like to stay under $600 for motherboard, CPU, RAM, harddrive, and 
>>case.  I know I am being quite vague about what sort of data I'm working 
>>with, but I'm sure that people must have opinions about what a dedicated 
>>Grass workstation would have in it.

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