[GRASSLIST:2833] Re: list of dependencies

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 19:32:40 EST 2004

> does anyone have (or can say where i find) a complete list of packages
> (and the paths that grass will search) needed to run grass (with nviz
> and r.in.gdal)? in the the source file i find something like that?
> well... thanx

That really depends on what system you are running. Each Operating
System or Distribution & version will be different. You might ask 
for your specific system & version. For starters:


For a Debian GNU/Linux system, look in the "build-depends" file or get
the -dev versions of the required packages listed here:


This list will be somewhat generic.

Also on Debian, the "apt-file" program can be very useful. Run
./configure or look at the end of config.log to see what is missing, and
use apt-file to find out what package you need to provide that.

Finally, (again for Debian) here's my list:
5.0.3 Reqs, Jan 22, 2004

gcc              # for compile
libc6-dev        # for basics
flex             # for lex
bison            # for yacc
libncurses5-dev  # for curses
zlib1g-dev       # zlib
libreadline4-dev # readline
libjpeg62-dev  or  libjpeg-mmx-dev  # for JPEG support
libtiff3g-dev    # for TIFF support
libpng12-dev     # for PNG support
libgd2-xpm-dev   # for GD 2.0 install  (unneed for GRASS > 5.0.x)
libg2-dev        # for GD 2.0  (unneed for GRASS > 5.0.x)
tcl8.3-dev       # for TCL
tk8.3-dev        # for TK
postgresql       # for Postgresql support ???
postgresql-dev   # for Postgresql support ???
xlibmesa-gl-dev  # for OpenGL
libstdc++5-3.3-dev # for glu-dev
xlibmesa-glu-dev # for OpenGL
unixodbc-dev     # for ODBC
fftw-dev         # for FFT functions
lesstif2-dev     # for Motif

libgdal1-dev     # for GDAL
libfreetype6-dev # for Freetype Fonts (broken)

make             # won't get far without this..
g++              # for r.terraflow

# gdal-bin   # for GDAL (doesn't include libraries or gdal-config)
proj             # for PROJ.4

good luck,

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