[GRASSLIST:2824] list of dependencies

samuel cavalcante grassmanbr at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 07:42:23 EST 2004

hi all,
does anyone have (or can say where i find) a complete list of packages (and 
the paths that grass will search) needed to run grass (with nviz and 
r.in.gdal)? in the the source file i find something like that? well...

>From: Christopher Fonnesbeck <chris at fonnesbeck.org>
>To: Dan Jacobson <jidanni at jidanni.org>
>CC: Radim Blazek <blazek at itc.it>, grass at packages.debian.org,        
>GRASSLIST at baylor.edu
>Subject: [GRASSLIST:2817] Re: How does one create a list of the counties a 
>highway passes through?
>Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 20:26:51 -0500
>On Mar 2, 2004, at 5:34 PM, Dan Jacobson wrote:
>>>>How does one create a list of the counties a highway passes through?
>>>>Both the highway and counties are described with vector maps.
>>Radim> v.overlay (5.7)
>>Sniff, here on debian
>>$ apt-cache policy grass
>>   Candidate: 5.0.3-2
>>Anything that can be done with earlier versions than 5.7?
>Compiling 5.7 from CVS was trivially easy, provided the appropriate 
>libraries are installed. I have it running on 2 different machines. Let me 
>know if you need a hand with it.
>Christopher J. Fonnesbeck ( c h r i s @ f o n n e s b e c k . o r g )
>Georgia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Georgia

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