[GRASSLIST:2856] Roussilhe Oblique Stereographic

werchowyna at pf.pl werchowyna at pf.pl
Sat Mar 6 03:50:10 EST 2004


I'm using Grass 5.03

I need to make a mapset in a projection called Roussilhe Projection (alias
Quasi-Stereographic) on the Krassovsky ellipsoid, modified Pulkovo 1942
datum different than those included in libproj but the datum os not an issue
here, I solved it myself

the complete system (ellipsoid, datum and projection) is an old, the most
popular and widely used system in Poland (called "System 1965" ("Uklad 1965"
in Polish))

the issue is the projection only - there is no projection called like it in

notice: the projection name is my literal translation from Polish; I'm not
sure what is the proper name in English though I have met some sound similar

any ideas how to apply this projection in Grass?

thanks in advance

Maciek Sieczka

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