[GRASSLIST:2857] Markus should become the new Debian Grass maintainer

Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Sat Mar 6 00:49:12 EST 2004

>>>>> "F" == Federico Di Gregorio <fog at initd.org> writes:

F> Il gio, 2004-03-04 alle 22:44, jidanni at jidanni.org ha scritto:
>> Hope debian will get newer.

F> sure, but what exactly is newer? i hope to place a working and well done
F> grass package in debian before the freeze, to have it in the next
F> release but for that we need a stable, production ready grass (it will
F> be in stable for a looong time).

F> so, what version? 5.0.x? 5.3? 5.7?

All I know is that we debian grass users "can hardly even pose
questions to mailing lists, as everybody else there doesn't even
remember how to make things work in such old versions", etc.

Therefore, please use the latest, freshest, which I suppose is 5.7.

Or, like mozilla, etc. make a second grass-snapshot package.

But as that apparently isn't very maintained anymore, probably the
same fate will happen to grass-snapshot on debian.

I.e. the best strategy, which allows for the case the maintainer
disappears, etc. is to use 5.7 for just a single grass package please.

Wait, hold everything! in [GRASSLIST:2827] 
M> It were much more exciting to find a Debian developer who
M> puts 5.7 into Debian...

M> Things are almost done:
M> http://mpa.itc.it/markus/grass57/debian/grass57deb/

M> Markus

Idea: Markus should become the new Debian grass maintainer.  FOG, no
offense, is often too busy, debian versions sometimes getting several
years old, man pages disappearing, etc.  Markus is the undenied grass

Of course I can't actually see how good Markus' .deb is until one day I
go to town, due to modem.

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