[GRASSLIST:2861] ASTER/stereo-0.2b/GRASS

David S. Kossack, Ph.D. dkossack at igc.org
Sun Mar 7 17:39:37 EST 2004

GRASS et al

I want to use ASTER 3N/3B images to create DEMs. I have a copy of stereo-0.2b, it looks very useful.

My question: The ASTER camera metrics are already known and constant between image sets. I would like to enter the 'camera metrics' directly into 'cam info' and skip the calibration file, a potential source of error, I believe. Has anyone hacked on stereo-0.2b to allow the direct entry of this information?


David Kossack

San Andreas Land Conservancy
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Davenport, CA 95017
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