[GRASSLIST:2876] v.in.shape

Matt Gundry mjgundry at faa-engineers.com
Mon Mar 8 15:11:18 EST 2004

Hello from a new user. I am currently running Grass V5.0.2.

I am attempting to bring in tax parcel information from a county
supplied in shape format, and am wondering if v.in.shape can do what I
want it to. I have managed to import the shape file using v.in.shape,
and the parcel boundaries appear correct. Now I would like to be able to
see the landowner data stored in the associated dbf file.

If I understand a message posted to this listserve some time ago,
v.in.shape does not import all the fields from the dbf. I believe that
the suggestion in that older message was to create multiple maps with
category label = field of interest.

Is this still the case, or is there now a better way.

Matt Gundry

Matt Gundry, PE

At Work		mjgundry at faa-engineers.com
Web		http://www.faa-engineers.com/~mjgundry/

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