[GRASSLIST:2881] Re: r.in.bin and 8 bit (unsigned) binary

Martin du Saire mdusaire at umn.edu
Tue Mar 9 09:02:26 EST 2004

 > So I managed to import the data using r.in.bin with r=8996, c=9223, and am
> > currently messing around with r.support to get the output I 
> want.  However,
> > there is a mismatch between the actual (81,026kb) and calculated file size
> > (based on row x cols: 82,970kb).  What does this mean?
>Let me guess that you have to extend the region to be
>imported by 0.5 pixel in all directions. The famous thing
>of refering to cornder or pixel center coordinates...
>instead of (example)
>  r.in.bin n=5 s=4 w=22 e=25 ...
>is would be
>  r.in.bin n=5.5 s=3.5 w=21.5 e=25.5 ...
>assuming a pixel size of 1.

Correct.  However, r.in.bin still doesn't accept the data with the modified 
n, s, w, e, values, only with the original r, c values.  I still have to 
make the pixel corner/center adjustment in r.support (which from what I 
understand is essentially  affecting the LOCATION).  Is the file size 
discrepancy affecting the accuracy and/or validity of the map I am 
producing, or is it just an accounting problem that I shouldn't lose sleep 

Thanks again.


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