[GRASSLIST:2882] Re: v.what.rast bug?

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at fonnesbeck.org
Tue Mar 9 10:11:38 EST 2004

On Mar 9, 2004, at 3:13 AM, Radim Blazek wrote:

>> I have tried running v.segment directly on my stream network, and I 
>> get
>> the same behaviour; that is, the process hangs without using any CPU.
>> If I press enter, I get the incorrect segment type warning repeatedly.
>> I eventually have to kill the process.
>> What I am trying to do now is determine the downstream polyline of 
>> each
>> polyline in a stream network. I assume I need to run v.segment first,
>> then do some programming?
> What is your input you send to stdin of v.segment?

To stdin? I thought the input was specified by the "input=" option. Do 
you mean that input needs to be piped to v.segment?


Christopher J. Fonnesbeck ( c h r i s @ f o n n e s b e c k . o r g )
Georgia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, University of Georgia

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