[GRASSLIST:2897] Re: text

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 17:32:28 EST 2004

> Still the same problem: I would like to insert a dxf-file in GRASS GIS
> 5.0.3. 
> I have loaded the "Layer with Line data" via v.in.dxf, which I can see
> on the monitor. 
> How I can load layers with texts from a dxf file. At the moment, I can
> just see contour lines. 
> How can I make the text visible? 

I'm not sure, but I seem to remember some mention of this before on the 
mailing list -- try searching the archive. I think the answer was that
this is not handled by v.in.dxf. You could try loading the file into
'qcad' and by using the layer tool selectively save the text layer on its
own and through some bash scripting (or other) magic create either a
GRASS sites file with text labels or a series of d.text.freetype
commands (if you want to preserve any text rotation). The DXF format
isn't too obscure so this may not be as hard as it first sounds.

> And how does it work in GRASS 5.7? 

v.in.dwg should be much better than v.in.dxf, but unfortunately it is
based on a non-Free library and you'll have to build it yourself if you 
want to try. You may not distribute the resultant binary program.
I have no idea if it will deal with text layers.


Good luck, please post to the list if you are successful.


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