[GRASSLIST:2948] compiling grass 5.3 on SuSe 9.0

otto dassau otto.dassau at gmx.de
Mon Mar 15 04:55:08 EST 2004

Dear list,  
I try to compile grass 5.3 CVS on a SuSe 9.0  
but cannot find the tcltk libraries and/or include  
files. Currently ./configure uses: 
--with-tcltk-includes='/usr/include/ /usr/local/include/ \ 
/usr/X11R6/include/ /opt/gnome/include/ /opt/kde3/include/ \ 
/usr/X11R6/include/' \ 
--with-tcltk-libs='/usr/lib/ /usr/share/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ \ 
/usr/share/lib/ /usr/lib/tcl8.4/ /usr/lib/tk8.4/ /usr/X11R6/lib/' \ 
Software with development packages are installed. How can I find out,  
which path I have to use? Does anybody have experiences with  
SuSe 9.0? 
 thanks for any suggestions 

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