[GRASSLIST:2954] Re: invalid #dims or fields for site import

stef sepd2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 22:47:35 EST 2004

Thank you for your reply.. but this solutions does not
appear to fix the problem.

I am using s.in.dbf sites=horse input=horse  The file
I am including has one field: -116.656290 32.789870

This is my error:
ERROR: ebuf -116.656290 nbuf 32.789870 @"Horse"

I have used s.in.dbf on another file, but the file did
not have any negative numbers.  

Any suggestions? Is there another way to force this
site into the map?  Is it possible that my location
definitions are affecting this?


--- Hamish <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I have been trying to import sites for San Diego,
> > California (lat:32.861638 lon: -117.213281).  Some
> > sites work, all the -116 sites will not (i.e.
> > -116.656290 32.789870). When I import the manager
> is
> > giving me this message:
> > 
> > ERROR: ebuf -116.656290 32.789870 nbuf @u B)
> > ERROR: G_site_new_struct: invalid # dims or fields
> ...
> > Any suggestions?
> I take it you are using s.in.ascii,
> It looks like both long and lat are being scanned as
> easting (ebuf), and
> northing (nbuf) is being saved as garbage "@u B)".
> Possible causes: the space isn't really an ASCII
> space, try saving as a
> comma separated .csv file instead. Same for the "-",
> are you sure it
> isn't some other font's special character that just
> looks like an ASCII
> dash?
> => Another thing to check is that you are importing
> three columns of
> data, even if the third column is just a bunch of
> "1"s or something it
> has to be there. See the (updated) online version of
> the s.in.ascii help
> page for more info.
> s.in.ascii is long overdue for some hardening, to
> deal with both the
> three column requirement and the differing DOS/UNIX
> newline problems[*].
> [*] try the venerable "dos2unix" as well to convert
> DOS text files to
> UNIX newline format.
> Hamish

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