[GRASSLIST:2978] r.mapcalc

Pierluigi De Rosa sisma66 at tiscali.it
Thu Mar 18 10:03:14 EST 2004

Dear user GRASS...
I'm using grass 5.3 CVS snap and I have this problem: r.mapcalc is not 
compilated by default so I go in directory of source of r.mapcalc and I do 
"gmake53" and I have an error...
below there are last rows...

make[1]: Entering directory 
bison -y -d pol.y
conflicts: 14 shift/reduce, 17 reduce/reduce
make[1]: *** [y.tab.c] Broken pipe
make[1]: Leaving directory 
make: *** [all] Error 1

so I haven't mapcalc on my grass...

P.S. I noticed inside directory r.mapcalc there is a file "DEPRECATED" ... it 
says : the new version is r.mapcalc3!!
But when I compile r.mapcalc3 I find the same error that above!!

Who may help me??

Thanks in advance


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