[GRASSLIST:2979] NViz: command not found

Matthew Tennant Matthew.Tennant at MobileInnovation.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 11:38:04 EST 2004

Hello Grasslist.
               I have a problem -  occuring on the Windows port of GRASS 
(5.0.2) using the cygwin 
environment and XWindows driver. When I type nviz at the command prompt I 
get a "command not found" message.
Searching my cygwin tree I see I only have one file called nviz, in 
usr/local/grass5/tcktkgrass/module, and it's only 1K.

Does this mean I haven't installed nviz? If not how do I? Is it possible 
to install binaries only, or is compilation of source necessary?



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