[GRASSLIST:2986] Import map from PostGIS

Leonardo Lami leo.lami at katamail.com
Fri Mar 19 09:00:42 EST 2004

I'd like to import a vector from postgis but i have a problem.
I readed the session "Generating vector geometry from PostGIS table" in the 
grass 5.7 tutorial but the example is valid only for a vector type point.

If I use the command:
  echo "select x(geo),y(geo),num from localizzazione" | db.select -c | 
v.in.ascii out=mitris

the command doesn't work because the the format of the column "geo" is 
different in a linear vector.
How can I do?

I see that when I delete the map, also the PostGIS table would be deleted but 
it is not useful.
Is possibile insert an option that can save the table in PostGIS when you 
delete a map linked to the table or something else to resolve it?

Leonardo Lami

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