[GRASSLIST:3052] Re: Problems with TclTk Aqua

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Mar 30 04:15:48 EST 2004

On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 02:14:59PM -0600, Nick Cahill wrote:
> The binaries supplied by Lorenzo Moretti already have the proper 
> version of tcl/tk. You just have to install Apple's X11 -- which has 
> the Aqua interface, by the way, for whatever that's worth - rather than 
> TclTKAquaBi-8.4.5. Lorenzo's work is terrific, by the way -- is there 
> any way that the GRASS team could see their way to hosting his binaries 
> on one or more of the official GRASS servers? They're hard to get a 
> hold of because his server is so overloaded.

At time these binaries consume more than 150MB. Once compiled
with shared libraries the size should be significantly smaller
and we could host them. 
Note that the GRASS web site should always fit on a CDROM,
at time we are at 650MB.


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