[GRASSLIST:3327] Re: temporal analyse

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 23:38:13 EDT 2004

> > > I use the GRASS 5.7 and i want know how can I store the different
> > > date or time of modification for the same map. example:
> > > I have the vector map bugsites, I modified it in 12/04/04,
> > > 13/05/03, 12/03/04.now how can display the map in the choosed date
> > > for eg.13/05/03.
> >
> > You cannot. One vector map cannot contain more versions.
> How then for the raster map?

You cannot obviously get back a change that has been saved over by a
newer version. Those changes are gone forever. You can label your
current version with the date either by hand as part of the filename, or
with v.timestamp / r.timestamp. Then you would need to archive or
otherwise copy away the original version if you wanted to have access to
it in the future.
The *.timestamp programs are pretty simple, it is really up to you to
keep good metadata notes. See also the "hist" meta-data files for raster
maps (all versions) and vector maps (in GRASS 5.7).


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