[GRASSLIST:3328] Re: GRASS 5.7 postgresgl-odbc

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 23:51:09 EDT 2004

> I am attempting to get GRASS 5.7 to run on my Fedora machine. I loaded
> the binary release and it is have some problems finding certain 
> libraries...what's new. Anyhow,  Hamish has graciously provided me
> with a list of required packages (for RH 9) and I have managed to
> track down most of them. But I've had some trouble finding the
> postgresql-odbc package. I am confused, because I have been able to
> track down  postgresql-odbc-6.5.3-6.LS1.i386.rpm, 
>  postgresql-odbc-7.0.2-18.2_imnx1.i386.rpm 
> and postgresql-odbc-7.1-1..LS1.i386.rpm. However, I get the impression
> from the PostgreSQL mirror sites that the official ODBC driver is 
> psqlodbc-07.03.0200.

postgresql-odbc-7.2.5-1.i386.rpm  is on disc 2 of the Redhat 9 release.
I don't know if that version would install on a Fedora system; but after
a quick look, there seems to be an official current version for Fedora:

postgresql-odbc	7.3	PostgreSQL ODBC driver.

You can download it here:


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