[GRASSLIST:3409] GRASS & FreeGIS mentioned in c't (German computer magazine)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu May 13 13:54:17 EDT 2004

GRASS and FreeGIS have been favourably mentioned
in the current edition of the German Computer magazine c't.

In the table of contents it says: 
	Geodaten: Goldgräberstimmung trotz Hindernissen,

Authors: Antje Grande, Birgit Kraus, Dorothee Wiegand
Title: Standortbestimmung
c't 10/2004, pages 84-89

On page 88 on the bottom left:
        Eine Übersicht Freier GIS-Software pflegt die Osnabrücker
        Firma Intevation [10]. Weit verbreitet ist das freie "GIS
        Geographic Resources Analyses Support System" (GRASS) [11].

Rough translation:
	An overview about Free GIS-Software is maintained
	by Intevation a Company located in Osnabrück [10].
	The Free "Geographic Resources Analyses Support System" (GRASS)
	is wide spread [11].

There is also a good screenshot 
with the subtitle:
        Die aktuelle Entwicklerversion 5.7 der freien GIS-Software
        GRASS enthält neue Vektorfunktionen mit Datenbankanbindung und

Rough Translation:
	The current development version 5.7 of the Free GIS-Software GRASS
	contains new vector funcationality with database connection
	and network analysis.
        [10] http://freegis.org/
        [11] http://grass.itc.it


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