[GRASSLIST:3424] Re: bad results from vector to rast conversion

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun May 16 23:11:19 EDT 2004

> I have a question regarding converting Vector Maps
> into Raster and the resulting Raster output.
> Background:
> I had e00 files that I imported to vectors and they
> are beautiful.  The categories are there and
> everything looks good.  
> Current:
> Now, I must export them into raster.  So I used the
> v.to.rast command with resolutions: 5, 30, 50.  The
> results are disappointing; the resulting raster
> "streams" map is a series of a few points which are
> barely detectable.

Try zooming in. They might be ok after all, just too small
geographically to be displayed on the screen at the current window size.


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