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Nico Coetzee ncoetzee1 at fnb.co.za
Thu May 20 11:44:20 EDT 2004

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Hi all,

First of all - I am an *extreme* newbie with anything related to GIS, but I am 
very keen on learning a lot about this subject, mainly for personal reasons.

I am now in the process of looking for the right software to start of with, 
and since I am a Linux user, it seems all people end up recommending GRASS, 
so - here I am :)

I am still in the installation phase of GRASS, but I thought it might be a 
good idea at this stage to ask about obtaining data from external sources. At 
this stage I am particularly interested in data from the following sites:

 1) http://www.georigin.com/ - Contain datasets related to African countries

 2) http://edc.usgs.gov/products/elevation/gtopo30.html and 
http://lpdaac.usgs.gov/gtopo30/gtopo30.asp (essentially the same ORG) - 
GTOP30 data sets related to Southern Africa

It seems from what I have read that I would be able to use the GTOP30 data, 
although if there are any people that has some input here, I will greatly 
apprciate it !

The problem really is with the first site (georigin.com). I can download the 
data I'm interested in in one of the following formats: Asset, Planet or 
MapInfo. As you can see from this site, one of the links they obtained there 
data from refers eventually to a site in the usgs.gov domain - which make me 
belief the data might actually be in GTOP30 format or something similar.

Has anyone worked with this data yet? Any tips/pointers?

Thanks a lot - I hope you don't mind a lot of questions :)


Nico Coetzee
South Africa

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