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Luis Gonçalves Seco luis at novalis.web.pt
Mon May 24 05:18:49 EDT 2004

Hi Radim,

Thanks, but i´m using the 5.03 version. There are no other way?


Luis Gonçalves Seco

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On Saturday 22 May 2004 23:47, Luis Gonçalves Seco wrote:
> Hi,
> I whould like to know how can i do this:
> Suppose I have a mount (vector) that belong to a city(vector), but the
> mount area it exceeds is border. If i use v.cutter the result will be the
> inside part of the interseption, no?. But I want to know how I can obtain
> only the part that don´t belong to the city area (outside part). In raster
> mode I can do that, but I need that in vector mode. Probably if I used the
> result of the v.cutter then make v.patch with the mount vector and finally
> with v.extrat I will obtain the result. There is an easy and logic way to
> do this?

v.overlay operator=not (5.7)


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