[GRASSLIST:3487] Re: Geophysical/Potential field modules for GRASS?

Syd Visser sydv at sjgeophysics.com
Tue May 25 10:28:39 EDT 2004

Benjamin Ducke <benducke <at> compuserve.de> writes:

> As an archaeologist, I also work with geophysical data
> regularly (especially gradiometer data). So far,  I have used proprietary 
> such as Geoplot to view and filter data (trend removal/destriping, low/high 
pass filters etc.).
> But I think that GRASS is, in principle, an ideal platform
> for such tasks. I have already spent some time laying out an infrastructure 
> geophysical data processing with GRASS.
> I have also made plans to create some module myself - in the near future ;)
> The wonderfull "Scientific Applications on Linux" web repository 
> has a category for "Computer Graphics, Images & Signals: Processing & 
> In it, I found a link to the "XITE" image processing tools.
> XITE also has an open source C library that seems to have ever imaginable
> high-level functionality one would need.
> I think one could get started ang get functionality very quickly by 
integrating this library with
> So, if there is any serious interest in getting GRASS up to par with Imagine 
and the like,
> maybe we should pull forces together and start coding?
> Anyone else interested in this sort of functionality?
> Cheers,
> Benjamin.
> On Fri, 21 May 2004 10:50:41 -0600
> Funkmeister <funkmeister <at> lynxseismicdata.com> wrote:
> > Hello, I will need to process/interpret some geophysical data (gravity, 
> > mag) and I would like to use GRASS for this purpose. Is anyone aware of 
> > any modules available for GRASS? I need to do things like trend 
> > removal, terrian corrections, Bouguer correction, reduction to pole, 
> > downward continuation, etc. I will also need to apply any number of 2-D 
> > filters.
> > 
> > If there are no suitable modules, I will likely write them. So please 
> > also let me know if anyone else is interested in such modules, and 
> > features that would be desired.
> > 
> > Thank you,
> > Craig
> > 

this is the first time i have added a message to this user group and i hope it 
gets there this time i have been rejected 3 times for different reasons.

We are a geophysical contracting and consulting company and make use of 
proprietary, in-house and opensource software to do our data processing and 
interpretation. We also specialize in doing 3D inversions of magnetic, gravity 
and IP data on our in-house cluster using software developed by UBC and 
modified for our use.
We are trying to move over to using opensource packages like grass, VTK etc to 
process and display data and are looking for funding to carry this forward a 
extra step. As you mentioned there is a lot of free software available. A other 
place that I can think of is at the USGS site http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/fs-0076-
95/FS076-95.html. The problem or at least i think the problem is not only 
finding the free available software but putting it together into a useful 
package. We would certainly like to see any geophysical, potential field, 
functionality added to a package like grass. Although we are extremely busy at 
this point we would try to help anyone starting such a project.


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