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Stephan Holl sholl at gmx.net
Mon May 24 10:32:30 EDT 2004

Hello Sabine, 

On Mon, 24 May 2004 16:00:30 +0200 Sabine Grabner <csab7771 at uibk.ac.at>

> hello,  
> when i did some exercises to get data from my postgresql database i
> had the following line in my pg_hba.conf 
> host    all         postgres    IP     IP     trust 
> this was only for test-purposes on my local machine. the next step
> would be to change 'trust', as this is not a clever solution. but
> 'trust' seems to be the only authentication type working as i got this
> message: 
> DBMI-Postgres driver error: 
> cannot get user/password 
> GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~/diss/grassdata > v.in.db driver=pg    \ 
>   database="host=IP,dbname=test,user=postgres" table=station
>   x="x(location)" \ y="y(location)" z="z(location)"  key=station_id
>   output=meteostatio 


> does anyone have an advice? 

AFAIK Postgres needs a valid password set in order to work with anything
else than trust. If there is no password set for the user in question,
no login will be successful.

Alter the user-table and add a passwd and retry, perhaps first with
psql, the command-line-client.

	Stephan Holl

Stephan Holl

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