[GRASSLIST:3554] Re: which version should be used?

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Mon May 31 08:55:24 EDT 2004


What kind of analyses of the Meteosat data do you need to make?


Martin Wegmann wrote:

>Hello Anja, 
>On Friday 28 May 2004 17:18, Anja Drews wrote:
>>Dear list,
>>I would like to integrate GRASS at the end of our (nearly or in the near
>>future) operational running processing chain of Meteosat-7 and
>>Meteosat-8 data. Which GRASS version would you suggest for an
>>application like this? The stable version 5.02/3 or the test version 5.3
>>which might have more features that could be useful for meteorological
>>data analyses? I have nearly no expierience with GRASS. I used other GIS
>5.3.0 is testing but soon will become stable 5.4.0. So if you wait some time 
>you can go straight to the new stable rather than using a possibly buggy 
>version - but nevertheless 5.3.0 is in my experiences reliable enough for 
>daily usage.  And if you encounter a bug, please report it and it will soon 
>be fixed in the 5.4.0 version. 
>BTW you can install both GRASS version on your system and use both for the 
>same database. If 5.0.3 lacks features you need, just start 5.3.0 and give it 
>a try - if this one is too buggy for your purpose swap back to 5.0.3. 
>>packages before and  so I am still a GRASS greenhorn.  So I have no idea
>>how evident the differences between 5.0 and 5.3 are.
>have a look at the announcement 
>Unfortunately I am not experienced in meteorological data analysis hence I 
>have no idea which GRASS modules might be useful.
>hope you enjoy GRASS, regards Martin 

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