[GRASSLIST:4286] Re: [GRASS5] r.in.png error?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 19:56:01 EDT 2004

> I used the PNG driver in GRASS to create a PNG image from my data. I 
> verified that the PNG image exists, and I can view it with any app 
> capable of reading the PNG format. I have not modified the region, and
> I have verified that it is the same as when I originally created the 
> PNG file. However, when I attempt to import the PNG file using 
> r.in.png, I get the following error...
> 640 x 480 image, 8 bits palette+transparency // this is just extra 
> since I had the verbose option on
> WARNING: G_set_window(): Illegal latitude for North
> ERROR: Unable to set window
> Is there a way around this error?

Image files which lack geographic information need to be loaded into a
XY location, not a lat/lon one. It is trying to load 640x480 and fails
when it tries to write data to 480 degrees north latitude.


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